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Kosher Serenity is a five-star full-service white glove real estate rental and concierge company. We have gorgeous mansions and villas in the heart of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Kosher Serenity is built on "emes". Our frum travel team is committed to providing our clients with the world class vacation they expect.

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  • Our properties speak for themselves. Just take a peak at the pictures and you will be taken by the glamour and class of each residence. With attention to every detail and all amenities for the kosher traveler, your stay will be one to remember. Additionally, our mashgiach will gladly kasher the kitchen so you can be comfortable knowing that it is up to your kashrus standards. 


At Kosher Serenity we make your vacation one to remember. With world class concierge service, you can leave the work to us.  From flights, car rentals and daily itineraries to restaurant reservations and personal drivers, we do it all. Give us a call today and let us make your dream L.A. vacation a reality.   

Kosher Concierge

Don't know what shuls are nearby? Do you want a kashered kitchen? Catered food, brand new dishes, an urn, a hotplate? Siddurim and sefarim? A Sukkah?  Kosher area information? We've got you covered! At Kosher Serenity we provide the ultimate Kosher vacation experience. Leave the stress behind, sit back and relax!

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